Monday, April 27, 2015

Chapter 7: Goodbye - Hello

Hello to my new companion Elder A, another Mexican. I don´t know him very well yet, but I´ll get to know him in this next week. :)
I´m excited to get to know my new companion, and get to work. :)

Goodbye to my old companion. This last week Elder V decided to say goodbye to todo el mundo (all the world) porque estaba seguro que iba a ir (ooops, sorry, this means he was sure he was going to leave, I´ll turn off the spanish now) so we had many lessons where he gave his final testimony, and final advice. to be honest we had 48 lessons this week.

Goodbye to my cold - it's finally gone. Yay!!!

Funny Moment: Funny moment was went we played a little bit of fútbol this week to get to know a few more people and now everyone in the neighborhood calls Elder Valtierra Chicharito because Chicharito is a famous mexican soccer player

Scary moment: - When the guy that assaults people said "pasen tranquilos" I really haven´t had any scary moments and I really live by faith, the spirit will tell me if I´m in danger.

Food Moment: For lunch we have great food from a great cook, for dinner we have members that give us food. I have come to realize that the Ticos put Tuna in everything. I have now been envenenado by salads with tuna, arroz con atún that looks like arroz con pollo, and Speghetti. Who puts TUNA in Spaghetti?!?!
I love me peanut butter still, we just ran out of bread so I haven´t eaten it in a week.

Spiritual moment: Spiritual moment was Meeting Oscar y Mayra Hello Oscar and Mayra!! Their registro was in our Area book so we decided to seach them out and WE FOUND THEM! They are ready to read the Book of Momon to find answers and every time we go to their house the time flies and they ask questions and they´re great investigators. I started looking in the area book because I wanted to find news. I started with a prayer and then went to the Preach my Gospel. There was a section that really stood out to me called "antiguos investigadores" so I looked in the area book and found their paper! I am so excited to be able to teach them. :D
Goodbye ya'll, sorry I have so much spanish in my letter, I have a hard time thinking in English these days.
Love ya,
Elder VanderMeijden

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