Monday, June 8, 2015

Chapter 1: Changing my Sole/Soul/sol/soul food

The first part of my title is about my sole - meaning the soles of my shoes. I had ants eat a hole in the sole, so I still need to look for a place to change soles!

The second part of my title is changing my soul - my spiritual moment: I had a night when I was really sincere with Heavenly Father and I felt a huge peace that day and I never wanted it to end.  I had to fall asleep though, so  :/ But it was a really nice feeling and warmth, I normally don´t feel the spirit like that, but I´m glad He gave me that moment telling me everything would be okay. I am doing so much better this week, my soul is lightening and I feel a ton better. Thanks for all your prayers.
The third part of my title is the sol, or sun. On my birthday, it rained, but the sun came out a little and brightened the day.

The fourth part of my title is my 'soul' food - I made fudge - who doesn't love fudge?
So, I had changes!!!! I am now back in Limon, cariari. :P I like it here and my companion is Elder Coronado De León, another guatemalteco. I am pumped - my companion is super funny and wants to be an engineer like me, so I am really looking forward to having a great time with him and working super hard to baptize and help lots of people. My area is 20 minutes away from the other areas and the zone leaders are 40 minutes away. Stay tuned for lots of fun stuff. It's fun to be out in the country again and out of the big city.

Foodie moment: I´m ready for more "Rice an´ beans" in my new area. Did I mention that I made fudge from our cook book? Last P-day after internet we had an international food experience. The 2 mexicanos made tacos (the right way) and la columbiana made a salad with Piña and I made the fudge. :)
Love you all,
Elder VanderMeyden
Me and my fudge :)
Us having our awesome meal we made
A special baptism
A special baptism
Um, YUM!

Two Hermana's, me and Elder Avendaño and the ward mission leader in Flores

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