Monday, June 29, 2015

Chapter 3: Wet and Rainy

I´m wet but working. I really enjoy this area. The flooding has not displaced up and for the most part there is only one big river to cross in our area. not many people have to be evacuated yet (I actually haven´t heard of anyone). We cleaned the house today and got on tarde to email, sorry. We´re gonna have a mission conference tomorrow and you should see a picture with all the missionaries from the MTC with me coming soon (hopefully). :)

We had one powerful lesson and then they canceled on us the other day so we have another appointment Wednesday. :)

My companion and I are having a great time! We get along so well. It just makes me realize how much  the people we surround ourselves with can affect our entire lives.
Moment: This week I had a great moment when we were walking down a street and I felt that we had to walk down a side street. We were doing an LPE at the time, but we returned after doing it and started to look for news. My companion felt like we should talk to a lady, but she didn´t want to talk to us much, but we decided to ask for references. When we did she gave us two families to visit and they both received us. I felt really happy that day and knew that we were being guided by God.

Animal Moment: I also saw a sloth and a cayman and a weird lizard that runs on him back legs and a dead armadillo, and we have a cat that breaks into my house and a bunch of crazy animals. :P

Food moment is that I have had eggs for the last week at lunch and every time it tastes good. Strange that it doesn´t get old. :)
Gotta go! The bus is leaving early, they are closing the pass because of a landslide so the bus wants to get through before they officially close the pass.
Elder VanderMeyden

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