Monday, June 29, 2015

Chapter 4: High Adventure - roughing it - the big split - PART 2

Mom note: Here is his email. FYI - the entire Carribean coast is experiencing major flooding and is completely cut off from the rest of Costa Rica. James is on the Carribean side, a little north between the two refuge areas. If you look at a map, you will see Guapiles and a road leading northeast, Cariari is on that road almost to where it deadends between the national park/refuge areas. Route 32 is blocked into San Jose and they don't know when it will re-open. Some bridges have collapsed and the hydro plant dam has collapsed. Some people have been evacuated from their homes, but none of the missionaries, and life still goes on.

James: I loved the mission conference. I thought that it was an amazing moment to say goodbye. One of my favorite things was the fact that I got to hug both President and Sister Wilkinson. I was very sad when I thought that I was going to have to wait until the very end to hug her. :( I did cry, but they were tears of the spirit. not once did I cry from the sadness (though it is way incredibly sad) But there was a moment where the spirit was very strong and I cried.

I somehow knew that I would not have any time to write emails today because I made an audio recording of what I was going to say. Turns out I have a hard time speaking English again (just like it should be :P  ). Look below to see why I´m so short on time. :(

Excerpts from letter to pres:
Today we have been waiting at two different internet places for more than two and a half hours waiting to get computers. They just opened up and I´m a bit frustrated. I wanted to be at the house studying at thins point during the day.

Other than this small setback we are doing well. I learned this week that we in Zona Limon and Zona Atlantica are stranded in Limon and there is no way to make it to San Jose. We don´t need to go there anyway, but if an emergency were to happen we would not be able to get there. It makes me feel "so secure." Jaja. I´m actually bien tranquilo even though it is a bit strange. My companion made the comment today that if it continues like this then it means that the changes in July will only be between the people and San Jose, Cartago, and Zona Sur unless they decide to change someone from Limon to Zona Atlantica and Vice Versa.

I finally received my birthday package. I loved the movie 'Meet the Mormons'.  I watched the Movie one the way home from San Jose in the bus (we convinced the bus driver to put it on so we had 40 people captive audience :P :D  )

Also, I just wanted to share with you the last thing that President Wilkinson shared with us.
7 Spiritual essentials to staying active in the Church
If you never want to be less active in the church put goals to each one of these 7 steps in order to never worry about felling the spirit in your life.
1) Prayer- How many times each day will you take adequate time to say a personal kneeling prayer to your Father in Heaven.
2) Scriptures- How much time every day will you spend studying the standard works and words of modern prophets and church leaders?
3) Temple- How many times will you go to the Temple each month?
4) Sacrament- How many times a year will you worthily take the Sacrament? (there are 52 weeks in a year, 2 General Conferences, 2 Stake Conferences, 48 possibilities)
5) Tithing- Integral, Pracial, or nothing?
6) Institute- At least one class every semester?
7) Mission Goal- Not so much "how many times will you leave with the missionaries?" more "How many mission references will you give?" "how many people will you reactivate in the year?" and "What will you do to help the missionaies?"

He told each one of us to put goals and tell him. He would keep the number and verificar if we were keeping true to our promises. It was AMAZING! :D
Love you. :)
Elder VanderMeyden

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