Friday, June 5, 2015

Chapter 12: Sick and Tired

These last few weeks have been a little hard. Last week my companion had been sick. This week, I was sick. It isn't a big deal - stomach issues. I am able to do my work, but my stomach is clearly mal.

I had a tired moment this week. I got into bed one moment, said my prayer and my companion got up and I was already asleep. :P
wet moment, we were walking to an area but I didn´t have my umbrella, it started to rain a bit, but not hard so my companion didn´t take his out. somewhere along the way we learned that we were soaked while talking to a member. It was a slow soaking but we were soaked. :P

This week I was lead to some great talks about how adversity is the refiner´s fire and that God never leaves us solos. One that really stood out to me was one from the February 2014 Liahona (I think). There were 2 talks about prayers and feeling the Holy Ghost. One was by Elder Oaks and he really helped me. I read the talk and realized that I was in one of the circumstances he described. As you know, I´ve had times in these last few weeks where I´ve felt that God has not been answering my prayers. I felt that maybe I wasn´t praying with sincere intent or that my ideas for what I wanted were´t what God had planned and so He didn´t answer me. I learned otherwise! In the article by Elder Oaks It talks about sometimes God doesn´t answer us with a yes or no. He´s still listening, but He wants us to ACT. He wants us to take that step into the unknown to help us learn and make us become what He needs us to be. I had always thought that he would tell us EVERYTHING that we want to know but it s not like that! He hears us always but what He wants is that we can do His will without having to be told to. While writing this letter I learned that if we go to him for everything and wait for the answer EVERY TIME then we would be slothful servants. I can´t tell you how much joy I feel to say "while writing this letter I learned..." because it means that I´m still listening and worthy of the spirit to teach me and receive "pure knowledge" flowing into my mind.

Love you all,
Elder VanderMeyden

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