Monday, June 15, 2015

Chapter 2: Milagros and hard work

This week was full of milagros (miracles). I really enjoyed this past week and I feel like this week can be even better. My companion keeps saying that he has never worked so hard in his entire mission. I was very surprised when I heard that. This is how my mission has been since the beginning. We got 30 lessons with Elder Coronado and ha said it was a new high. We had 15 news even when he was only planning 10. We were very disappointed though, that nobody came to church.

We had a small miracle, though. One set of investigators said that they were using us to help them build up spirituality so they could return to their old church. We testified of eternal families and that they could only lograrlo with the true church on the face of the planet and we testified of the Restoration. They refused to accept to be baptized or to have a fecha, but we commited them to pray. An hour after the lesson we recieved a message: "Hola Somos la pareja que acaban de visitar. Meditando y pidiendo respuesta a Dios nos hemos dado cuenta que ustedes son personas que trabajan por la obra de Dios. Queremos acompaƱarlos el Domingo esperando grandes bendiciones y avances espirituales en nuestra familia eterna. Gracia por su tiempo." (Hello We are the couple who just visited. Meditating and asking response to God we have realized that you are people who work for God's work. We join them on Sunday expecting great blessings and spiritual progress in our eternal family. Thank you for your time)  I could hardly believe my eyes and I was very happy. My companion nearly jumped for joy when he read the message. We don`t know exactly what happened on Sunday but we have a lesson with them today so I hope to have more news for you next week.

I`m going to be looking for miracles every day this week and I promise to be obediente.

About my new area and my companion now:

Cariari is way out in the middle of nowhere, but it has a bunch of potential. My companion is not used to working as hard as I am but he`s getting used to it. He`s really fun and was learning to be a systems Engineer! He likes a ton of the same stuff and really is an answer to my prayers. It`s been crazy fun, and a bit stressful when you trust that your companion will put the alarm and doesn`t do it. I changed all that and I will never wake up late again (it was only today, and I felt really bad, but now I`m repentant).

Cariari is more rural than siquirres but more touristy like Nicoya. I`d say that it`s about an even balance between the two. :)   Our branch had 38 people show up on sunday. We`re small, but their goal is 60 for asistencia. I plan to have more as we get more and more help from the members. I need to know more of them first though. Our Branch President doesn`t actually live in the boundaries of the branch, I didn`t know that could happen. I told the branch about how we had to drive to church 15-20 minutes when we lived in Virginia, they thought that was weird for the USA.

I am still happy because, as I said, my companion is an answer to my prayers and him and the area are parts of what I consider cumplimientos of the Priesthood blessings I`ve received in my life.

Love you,
Elder VanderMeyden
the text from the investigator

my companion

elders and sisters at church

some of our elders

more pictures of elders at church

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