Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 10: Anime-tion

well, this week was full of Elder De Leon and Elder Gonzalez and a few other members talking anime and for me to listen to it. It was cool to hear the stories but I´m not sure if I´ll ever watch any of these shows.
Anyway, the other side to my double meaning title is that my animo, or my excitedness shot up 100% or perhaps more from the first month check up that i had with the president yesterday. It was a very spiritual experience where i learned a few things I need to change. The biggest advice he gave me was "you haven´t been called to change him, you´ve been called to train him." I´ve been so worried that he´s not doing exactly as I taught that it was affecting my stress, our companionship and my health. I realize now that I can only do what I can and that if he doesn´t do it there is nothing I can do but remind him. I took it upon myself to learn humility and just do my best. To be honest, I had heard most of what he had to say before, but it had to come from him in that moment or it wouldn´t have sunk in. It was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I love the Spirit.
Anyway, I´m cutting this email short by saying that I love the Lord and he can help any person with and problem in any circumstance.
We also had a baptism that I was in charge of planning. AHHH! MORE STRESS. Just kidding. :)
Love you all,
Elder VanderMeyden

P.S. I finally found my first Tico that loves Doctor Who. He´s AWESOME!

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