Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chapter 13: Train - ing

So this week I had a special treat. I was able to baptize someone. Her name is Valeria and she´s 11 years old. She´s gone with a member to church for the last 6 months and said about 3 weeks ago that she felt the need to be baptized. It was really cool and I know that she gained a testimony and conversion from the Spirit. I know she´ll be a great addition to the Branch. :)
Now about the title: Obviously I´m a trainer, that is the number 1 reason I´m doing this but also, there is a train track that actually divides the area here in Siquirres. To be honest, I haven´t seen many trains pass by in the 3 months I´m been here but this week I was privileged to see a passenger train, a tiny train engine, and a fork lift thing with train wheels that was on the track. That in addition to 2 modified cars and a plenitude of trains with only 2 trailers makes the set complete. :)
This week wasn´t much of a special thing, but it was good because we had 4 in the chapel and 9 new investigators, some of whom have special cases where it will be hard to teach them but all of whole whom I have high hopes for.
That´s about all for this week, with the exception that I´m practicing Piano again and hopefully I´ll be able to help out in Sacrament meeting some day before I finish my mission. :)
Wish me luck,
Elder VanderMeyden

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  1. That is so exciting! Both the baptism, and becoming a trainer. Yay!