Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Tender Mercies

Little things we have seen from James these last few weeks. One is part of an email to his dad and I and the other is a surprise email from Hermana Peterson. She is the sister of the Carlson's in our ward and her and her husband are serving in Costa Rica working with the members and the Perpetual Education Fund. She is also the mission nurse. Little surprises like these emails touch our hearts and help me see the tender mercies and love from the Lord as our son serves.

Never underestimate the influence of a worthy priesthood holder in your missionary's life. My husband received this yesterday from our son: "I need a fathers blessing. It´s been too long since my last one, but I´ll ask my companion for one. I just want the support and perhaps a reassurance of the work that I´m doing. Don´t worry about me, but keep me in your prayers." I got concerned, so I asked him if he was okay this was his response "The biggest reason I want this blessing from Dad is because I miss him. There is no substitute for a good father´s blessing. Even a blessing from the Prophet himself couldn´t replace it." I sure do miss that boy and his sweet spirit.

Dear Sister VanderMeyden (Athena),

My name is Senior Hermana Diane (Carlson) Petersen. My husband & I are from South Weber & we're serving as P.E.F./Self-Reliance missionaries here in Costa Rica. Before we left home, people would tell us names of missionaries to watch for, should we meet them here. Elder VanderMeyden was one of those, because you see, Dennis Carlson is my oldest brother (I'm #4 out of 6 kids). He told me how fantastic your son is, as well as the entire family. I'm a retired R.N. & so am also helping the young mission nurse by fielding phone calls from the English-speaking missionaries & some other things. I sent your son an email recently w/ his insurance informations & my phone number, should he need to call me. I also told him who I was & that I was watching for him & hoping to meet sometime.

I ran into him today, in the mission office. He was hanging out with another Elder's companion, while his companion, Elder Gonzalez here, went to be fingerprinted for migration purposes.
What a happy, delightful, positive person he is!!!! I pointed out to him jokingly that he was wearing a sweater in Costa Rica (of all places). His response was that it's the only time he gets to wear it (because it's generally cooler here in San Jose, than in the east or west). He said he used his sweater for a blanket last night.

I just thought you might want to know! I was soooo excited to finally meet him. Thanks so much for your support so that Elder VanderMeyden could serve his mission!!

Most warmly, Hermana Petersen

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