Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 9: Catching Up

I am awesome today, I got a great workout and now I´m motivated. This is a much better letter from last week.
About the title, I´m catching up on sleep, journal writing, and numbers from my previous area. Part of the discouragement that was expressed the last week was the fact that I had such good numbers when Elder De Leon and I were together that when it dropped when I moved I wanted them to be the same, but that wasn´t possible.
We´re actually finding new people more often. People from Cairo keep showing up to church without us even going to Cairo (can you guess what our goal is this week ;)  ). Elder G and I are getting along swimmingly (even though we can´t swim) and we are having fun having spiritual debates that don´t break up our unity, but instead strengthen it. :) The leadership thing that I´ve been put in is less of leadership now and more of friendship, so I don´t feel as much pressure. I feel the guidance of the spirit more and more often, but it´s not constant. The problem is that the spirit is constant, but it wains and grows too so when it´s small it´s harder to recognize it, but it´s always there. I´m working to get it better every day, and part of this is obedience.
Also, 2 notes, They have FRY SAUCE. They call it Sachipapas but it´s the same thing. 2- I´m at the 1/4 mark of the mission, wish me luck. :)
Best wishes,
Elder VanderMeyden

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