Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Chapter 11: To the Top

This week we hiked to the top of the mountain and saw all of siquirres. I actually though of Lion king´s "everything the light touches" quote and it applies quite well in this way: "everything the light touches is your area, Elder"
Our area is GRANDISIMO! but we are to go to all areas, even "that dark spot over there" :P
A few other things that happened on our hike are:
1) I found some of the most amazing animals in the world including a majestic dragonfly that cannot be described by my tongue, a million spiders of ranging sizes, a bull or 3 in the pathway to the top, and a bunch of wasps or bees that gave me a panic attack and I couldn´t move for more than a minute (the rule of thumb is this, the phobia is 3x bigger because the wasps are 3x bigger as well)
2) The Gringos were in better shape than the ticos and guatemaltecos
3) We took a ton of pictures that my mom will put on the blog
4)I had so much fun and got a n awesome sunburn. :)
The double meaning this week is that we reached a new height in our companionship today. We dedicted our house and there was a huge change in the feelings there. Also, my companion got sick and I was priveliged to give him a blessing. I don´t know, but this week I learned to trust Elder Gonzalez mucho más.
That´s it for this week. There wasn´t too much to share except that we need to find more nuevos (new investigators) because our "pool" is getting a bit "dry"
Wish me Luck!
Elder VanderMeyden

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